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Year/वर्षम् 2019-2020

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  • Name of last Examination Passed / पूर्वोत्तीर्णपरीक्षानाम
    Name of the Board/University from where the last examination passed / बोर्ड/ विश्वविद्यालयस्य नाम यतः पूर्वपरीक्षोत्तीर्णा
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  • Know Devnagrari (Sanskrit) Script / अहं देवनागरी-लिपिं जानामि  
    Can Speak sanskrit / संस्कृतं वक्तुं शक्नोमि  
    Can understand Sanskrit, But can't speak / संस्कृतम् अवगच्छामि। किन्तु भाषितुं न शक्नोमि।  
    Can speak/write/read/understand Sanskrit well. I feel that gramatically i am good/not very week. संस्कृतेन भाषितुं/लेखितुं/पठितुं/संस्कृतं सम्यक् अवगन्तुं शक्नोमि। सामान्यतः शुद्धतया संस्कृतेन व्यवहर्तुं शक्नोमि।  
    Additional information (If any) / अतिरिक्तविवरणम् (अस्ति चेत्)  

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    Previous Passed Examination Certificate  
    Previous Passed Examination Mark Sheet  
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    Caste Certificate ( if SC, ST, P.H. )    

  •  DISCLAIMER : I hereby declare that I have carefully read all the informations & Instructions as mentioned in Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham's Prospectus 2019-2020 further that all the information furnished by me in this application & the documents, I have submitted in support of my application are true and correct. In case any information in this application is found to be false or incorrect at any time (during or after completion of the course), this shall entail automatic cancellation of my admission if granted/cancellation of the degree if awarded, besides rendering me liable to such action as the Mukta Swadhyaya Peetham may deem fit. In the event of any medical or other emergency, my parents/guardians may be contacted at the address given above.

    मुक्तस्वाध्यायपीठस्य परिचायिकायाम् (2019-2020) उल्लिखितान् सर्वान् नियमान् सर्वाः सूचनाः ध्यानपूर्वकम् अपठिषम्, आवेदनपत्रे प्रदत्ताः सर्वे विषयाः, संलग्नानि सर्वाणि विवरणानि च याथार्थ्यानि इति अहं प्रतिजाने। यदि आवेदनपत्रे प्रदत्तविवरणानि यदा कदापि असत्यानि दोषपूर्णानि इति अभिज्ञायन्ते (पाठ्यक्रमस्य अध्ययनकाले अथवा अनन्तरम्)तर्हि मम प्रवेशं/ उपाधिं मुक्तस्वाध्यायपीठस्य निरस्तीकर्तुं शक्नोति। अपि च आनुशासनिकप्रतिक्रियां कर्तुमर्हति।